Wanted: Someone who is willing to trade computer skills for massage…..

Whatever is fair. I have spent too many of my precious years and life on this machine.

Success What is it?

I have a internet guru telling me that I need to write my success story. That and a few other secrets, of which I will not reveal will take me to the top of the Google charts.  I have written a million things in the blog of my mind this morning, and they all seemed worthy, in my humble opinion of being on this blog. I don’t want to write about my success. If I was a true success, I would not have time to be writing this blog.  What does that success mean any more?

I am thinking that, in these times, to be alive, and have a roof over my head, and have a car to drive, and have good friends, and a daughter that loves me and calles me every day, to keep improving one’s body and mind and health.  To have a talent or two or three. To have made it through breast cancer. To have the respect of peers. To have amassed a huge community of support to help me through my cancer. To be alive, to be awake to care. To learn to play jazz piano fairly sufficiently between the ages of 58 and 60. To be able to keep up with the musicians that I respect.


1. Have enough massages coming in so I can turn them away.

2. Find a renter to live in my spare room for the summer at least.

3. Get a keyboard and get out gigging and singing.

4. Make enough money so I can travel at least to go see my daughter in Chicago.

5. Dance more

Little Smokies packed the Top Hat last night.  You know I write much better in my head when I am not trying to put it down on computer. Listening to Monk.

Things I want to blog about:

1. How I corrected my posture, duck feet, and cured my back pain at 59 1/2 years  old. (Why sex is good for you. I just figured it out. The mechanics of it.  It is not what you think.

2. Kale- how it is perennial, eating the flowers

3. Writing…free writing. How it works. You don’t think. You just let your fingers go where they will across the keyboard. Aware of sensations.

4. Jazz-.. Listening to Monk. Just realizing the similarities between Mingus and Monk. Need to check in to that.

5. Cold Showers….Why are they so awesome. A cold shower says..HELLO! You are now officially awake and it is time to start your day.

6. Kim Williams is coming to mind. Her breast cancer… My breast cancer. My one breast. How I opted to get a shoulder and hand repair so I could keep working instead of a new breast.

7. Health insurance…The “Montana Health Co-op coming soon.

8. The withdrawals that I felt last night at the Top Hat.  Such bad performance hunger.

9. Skin Hunger.

10. The importance of healing touch for everyone.

11. Why I chose to do massage over everything else I could do in life, besides the fact that I am not really really smart. Most days, I am not even average. Especially when I try to figure out anything on my computer. Arrrgghhh. I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out whether or not I had successfully backed up my computer to my external hard drive, which is probably a moot point because I should probably be using cloud.

12. The importance effect of the right sound vibrations in life: Music for massage, music for life, the hum of a fan, The sound of a deep man’s voice. The drone of a teacher, and my struggles to stay awake in classes.

13. Food- Food as medicine. When they figure that out, they will want to start regulating food. It is so much a drug.

14. Tamoxifen. Need to learn more about it.

15. Places I’d like to go….If I had the money to travel, I’d go everywhere. There is no place on the planet that I don’t want to go. But, since I only have about 20 years at most on the planet…Now I am feeling sorry for myself. I guess I probably won’t make it.

16. My plans that went awry. Where I thought I would be at my age, and how I thought I would get there.

17. Investing….A story that for many many years, I kept all to myself, but since so many of our stories are the same, the healing is in the telling of the secret.

18. My daughter. How I raised her alone for the most part. Divorced at 4. How I decided to go it alone rather than try to find a replacement dad, husband, actually. Dad was there consistently until he moved to Mexico to live on a 21 foot sail boat.

19. Now one breasted and almost 60, every once in a while, toying with the idea of going to Match.com or eharmony.

20. Home ownership as a single woman.

21. My Single Premium Variable Life Insurance policy dilemma. And how I could end up in debtor’s prison for not paying my taxes on the money that I borrowed against it.

22. Ashiatsu. This seems like something more that needs to be experienced than

All of the sudden, I am getting very very restless…so so much to do, write about.

23. Computers, the bain of my existance…like giving an Eskimo a snowmobile, I often say. I feel like I have spent the last 20 years looking for the right button to push.  Oh so much else I could have done. I really got suck in to this machine. Can anyone give me either a new brain or another lifetime?

Bucket list: (I started to write: Things I want to do before I die, but somehow “bucket list” made it into acceptable lexicon, and “Things I want to do before I die” is less appropriate.

This is going to make me cry: I can get feeling really sorry for myself when I start thinking like this, but tears can be cathartic. That is why emotion is called emotion. It gets e as in energy,  moting.

I guess I should hang it up for today.


So this isn’t my success story, but at least it is from the core of my being…And it is a start.


Morning routine for fabulous abs, flattening the stomach, fighting depression and colds

A morning routine is probably the single most important thing I can do to get myself off on the “right foot,”  right out of bed. How does this relate to massage? Well, they are both about”well-being”. The more things you can do to foster your body’s “feelin good!” response, the better, more quality life you will be able to lead. This is what I do on my better “good” days. And I can always tell the difference between when I do my routine and when I don’t:

1. Wake Up and get up! No matter what time it is, don’t lie awake worrying, fretting. Before one pesky thought crosses your brain, get up.

2.Take a cold Shower. You can start warm, but yes, a cold shower. The benefits are endless. Increased metabolism, which means more energy, more efficient calorie burning, increased immune system function, better mood (actually fends off depression..) So stay in that cold water, ironically, until you warm up. Stay there at least two minutes. (Make sure you heat the bathroom up. I have a space heater for extra heat in mine.)

3. Get dressed and make your bed, assuming there is noone in it.

4. Have a glass of warm lemon or vinegar water. I like to add a little Stevia. This is a system cleanser and a body alkalinizer.
5. Do a set of 6 stomach (core) exersizes that fatigue your abdomen muscles. Of course, they are whole lot more fun to your favorite music. I also find that music changes the difficulty. It is much easier, and I can work a lot harder with seeminly less effort if I am enjoying my exersizes. I am going to do a video soon, so you can do your morning exersizes with me. Or come on over, for that matter. There are also a ton of them on You-tube already. The important thing is to fatigue your stomach and abdomine muscles so the metabolic process can start burning off the fat in your tissues.

6. Go for a 20-30 minute walk. The purpose of this walk is to rev up the ole engine before you eat breakfast.

7. Eat breakfast. I like to include fresh greens such as fresh kale or homemade sprouts in the winter time; and a fertilized egg.

I will be happy to do some stomach crunches with you when you come for your next appointment. So this is it. The whole purpose is to get your body metabolizing, and your PH balance right, the first thing in the morning. This has immensely cut down on the pain, both physical and mental,  that I feel throughout the day. 
Try it. It will rock and change your world. It has mine.

marshall canyon, massage therapy

Marshall Canyon, my spiritual roots.


Namaste~” I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.  I honor the place in you which is of truth, love , peace and light. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.”

Sprouting Broccoli Sprouts

Sprouts are a power antioxident, nutrient packed, and growing fresh in you kitchen…They are super super easy to grow…

  • get a quart or larger jar
  • lid options-cheese cloth or poke holes in a metal lit with hammer and nail, fancy sprouter lid for jar.
  • seed options-organic: sunflower, lentil, almond, alfalfa, quinoa, clover, radish, GFS sprout mix.
  • Buy seeds in bulk at the Good Food Store
  • Day 1: put seeds in jar and soak overnight
  • Day 2 thru 5 or whenever the sprouts are at least twice as long as the  seed: Rinse at least 2 times a day.
  • Eat and enjoy and be healthy!!!!!!

Some Interesting Facts About Massage

*Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and may be the last to fade.

* There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin– 3000 in a finger tip.

* One hour massage equates to 7-8 hours sleep on the body.

* Touch stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) which is why a mother’s hug for a child’s skinned knee can literally make it better.

*A touch of any kind can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure.

*People with eating disorders who receive massage three time a day for ten day’s, gain weight faster and got out of the hospital six days sooner than those who don’t.

*Elderly people who massage surrogate grandchildren report higher-esteem and better moods.

*Massage before an athletic event, makes the athlete more flexible, enhanced speed and power, and less prone to injury.

* In 1996, massage therapy and bodywork was officially offered for the first time as a core medical service in the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. At the Games, Nationally Certified practitioners were providing key medical services.

* Fifty-four percent of primary care physicians and family practitioners say they would encourage their patients to pursue massage therapy as a complement to medical treatment.