Carla Green Therapeutic Massage Techniques and onsite options in Missoula Area

Carla’s Massage Studio in Missoula offers Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Swedish Massage, Craniosacral, Shiatsu, Warm Stone, and Chair Massage.back massage therapy Watch Carla Green Massage Video. Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate. Certified Massage Therapy in Missoula, Montana.

Techniques used by Carla in her Missoula Massage Therapy practice.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy(TM)

Massage Therapy available in Missoula Area onsite at your party,
camp or retreat. Must book atleast 4 hours for this service

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy combines the best elements of traditional Thai Massage, Barefoot Shiatsu from Japan and Southern India. Ashiatsu is especially effective for the lower back, spinal erectors, shoulders, Gluteus maximus and hamstrings. It is known to improve the spine and decrease back pain.

Ashiatsu is performed with smooth, flowing, gliding deep foot pressure. The therapist supports herself with wooden bars suspended from the ceiling while applying different foot strokes along the body. Using the pressure of her feet on strategic points along the back and spine, a pull-pumping affect is created on the soft tissue that surrounds the muscles and inter-vertebral disc space. Mobilization above and below the joints naturally takes place due to the deep compression to surrounding muscle.

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 spa massage therapy in missoula

Swedish Massage

Missoula Area Moble Therapeutic Massage also Available

Swedish massage is designed to relax the body and release toxins. It increases oxygen in the blood and rids the body of muscle toxins and metabolic waste in the tissues. The therapist applies pressure to tissue against deep muscles and bones while rubbing the body in the same direction as the blood flow returning to the heart. This technique accelerates the recovery of strained muscles and stimulates the skin to reduce physical stress.


Craniosacral therapy uses a feather light touch to find abnormalities in tissue movements, and gently coax them to self-correct. The effectiveness of the light touch often surprises clients because the release is usually felt throughout the entire body, physically as well as emotionally. Craniosacral is used to treat tensions and imbalances in the muscles and spine. It is designed to find the source of pain, as the source can often be different from where pain is felt. By locating the source, it is instrumental in healing injuries that have escaped other treatment. Because of the light touch, Craniosacral massage provides relief and is safe for clients with recent injuries that may still be painful.
Craniosacral massage therapy in missoula
 Shiatsu massage therapy


Shiatsu increases the body’s “life force,” or ch’i. The technique eliminates toxins and used energy and restores the balance of yin and yang. The therapist uses finger, thumb and palm pressure along energy meridians of the body to redirect blocked or diverted ch’i. Joints are stretched and rotated, and rhythmic palm pressure encourages the client to engage in deep breathing. This technique is used to treat depression, anxiety, nausea, stiffness, headaches, arthritis, cramps and pulled muscles. For a full shiatsu session wear thin, loose clothing.

Warm Stone

Warm stone soothes tight muscles and relaxes the body. It can be used in either light or deep pressure massages and is especially comforting for the client who loves warmth.
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Therapeutic Chair Massage

Available in a 20 miles radius of Missoula

Chair massages are usually shorter in duration and focus mainly on the upper body and back.