About Carla Green

22 years accreditedation- 1997-2010 by NCBTMB; 2010 to present- Licensed by the state of Montana.

I grew up at Marshall Mountain Ski Area, east of Missoula, was my home from 1957-83.  I spent a lot of time tuning in to  the spiritual healing energy, that sense of connection one finds with self and nature when one present with it.  Much time spent tuning in to my body and emotional being (meditating without a formal practice) , I like to think that I bring elements of harmony, centeredness and nature to my therapeutic massage practice.
I am a provider with the medicaid waiver program since 2013.  I love working with this population!
I have been working with the University of Montana Stress Less program since 2008, bringing relief to final stressed students in the University Center twice a year.
Other passions:
I have skied since I was two, which helps immensely with the foot sensitivity, balance and agility needed for Ashiatsu Oriental Massage Therapy (barefoot massage).

Carla Green Massage Therapy Missoula MTBA of Interpersonal Communication, University of Montana

When I am not engaged with massage therapy,  I am practicing or playing out with one of my 3 musical projects; Basses Covered, Carla Green Jazz and Swing Away  can be seen performing in tap houses, wineries, clubs and Missoula Folklore society dances.

Another of my other passions center around healthy living which includes healthy, mindful eating, sprouting, gardening, fermenting kombucha, kefir, and kimchi….making sourdough bread. Consequently, I am pretty good at staying well when I follow my own wisdom which is: “you are what you eat and how you live.”

Caring for my beautiful yard.


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